Angel on Xbox

Hi, I’m Jo, otherwise known as angelsk; and I play games. I’m a variety streamer that likes doing voice overs; and am a big fan of cats, stories and interesting mechanics in games. I’m an ID@Xbox moderator so am often found #JoCasing ID@Xbox indie games on my channel.

Bleep! Bloop!

Where you can find me

Note, I’m also Head of Engineering at Preloaded - so if you’re in the gaming industry feel free to connect to me on LinkedIn.

#ExtraLife 2023

This is the 6th year I’ve done Extra Life - and I’ve pledged to play games and raise funds for kids for the international program of the SickKids Foundation in Toronto.

I’m playing games for 24 hours solid from 10pm (UK time) on Friday November 1st 2024 for charity (times in your timezone can be seen on my donation page).

You can donate at any time until the end of the year on my donation page.

Streaming Schedule

I stream “regularly” on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm (UK time); and at 3pm (UK time) times at the weekends (with a weekly co-stream alternating between Tuesday and Wednesday at 8pm); check my stream schedule on Twitch for the next slot.

I’m a huge fan of (and a moderator for) the ID@Xbox program, and regularly stream games from there - along with some staples (mainly Point and Click, Visual Novel or Puzzle games).

I do a regular “Storytime with Jo” segment as part of my streams in a week, where I do voice overs for games that don’t have them. Catch up with them on my YouTube channel.

Please follow/ subscribe and sign up to be notified when I go live :) (And thanks for watching).

But I missed it?!

I upload all videos of my streams to my YouTube channel unedited (for posterity and laughs).


Beautiful stream art drawn by Foxoodle (@stephoodle on Twitter).
Emotes by The Amazingly Talented Kara.